Summer Learning, Individual Studies, & Literature Studies

All Torchlight levels will eventually have an accompanying Summer Studies as an add-on option, to keep up the fun and connection of reading together. Not to mention the interest and the education learning year-around provides. These will be completely optional and not required to progress to the next level, but will help expand on the learning already experienced.

Individual studies are created for topics that we could not do justice by squeezing into a standard year without making the curriculum tip over into the category of overwhelming for some. Therefore, we separated them as units to allow them to be tacked-on for those that would like extra learning or to be used during a break from the standard schedule. Both Summer learning and individual studies will be making an appearance in the near future within Torchlight’s offerings.

Individual Literature Studies will also be available for those that want to switch out a book within a level or simply prefer to add a few Torchlight Literature Studies to their educational year.