Torchlight Approach

Torchlight is quite an eclectic curriculum. We include hands-on learning, game-schooling, car-schooling, media, and bedtime story recommendations into our curriculum to spread out the learning and make it more of a lifestyle.

Torchlight takes a distinctively secular approach with Humanist underpinnings. Torchlight supports the Golden Rule, kindness, exploration, questioning, and scientific thinking. A worldly approach full of logic, equality, and empathy. Torchlight provides flexibility, allowing you to mold the learning experience to the learner. A list of alternate and extra materials is given which facilitate expansion of a topic without the added pressure to “get it all in”.

We hope to foster exploration of rabbit-holes, or making a last-minute switch for a better fit without the fuss, allowing the crafting of a better balance, different to each learner and their learning partner. Torchlight is created to fulfill the idea of the adult learning alongside the child, helping guide them, teach them to find answers, and ask quality questions.


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