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Torchlight users of Level 4 and above can go to and login with a valid email address to submit story excerpts.

100 Cats

Chapter One: The Bad Beginning It was a stormy day outside. I was immensely bored. I was in school doing algebra. Please ring, I thought looking at a poster that said Learning is fun! (with a teacher that had a creepy smile on it). Ringgggg! Finally! Stacy and I walk home together every day. Stacy’s …

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Introduction: Hi, this is the story of how, for a few days, my life got turned upside down, and how a twelve year old girl (me) dealt with it, this is a story about friendship, hard times, and love. Love, Addie. Chapter 1 “Um, ok I guess.” “So, like yeah my dad was like you …

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The Graffitti Kid

The Graffiti Kid was weird. His real name is unknown. Everyone calls him the Graffiti Kid because he is the best Graffiti artist in the world! But, the problem is that he needs more spray paint. No one knows where this new and better spray paint is. Graffiti Kid went to the mayor’s house and …

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